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  You'll wanna stay forever.                               Relax, Rejuvenate and Renew...

Take yourself on a journey away from the stresses of everyday life, and into the world of  Xcape Wellness Studios, an all-new, all-luxury massage and relaxation destination. Plush waiting rooms, private Royal Couples Suite, and blonde-wood steam saunas await. This studio's elegant setting makes for the perfect environment to reconnect with your body, and reclaim your sense of calm. Opt for a deep-muscle massage, and you'll work with your therapist to target trouble areas and work your muscles into a state of pampered bliss as toxins are discarded along with your stress.


Come in with your one-and-only for a couples' massage, and you may find yourself in the cushy digs of the Royal Couple's Suite, where your therapists will simultaneously treat the two of you to an hour of unbeatable massage work. Or, spend your visit in a steam sauna designed by the skier-inspired Finnsisu company, and breathe deeply while your body thanks you. 

"Therapeutic Massage is Wellness"


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                5757 Egan Drive

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